01.17.2014 - Arisia 2014

Arisia is such a great event! I have been on four separate occasions, the first was as guest many, many years ago and then about three years in a row, exhibiting as a studio the third time, and as an artist on the fourth time which was great fun.

The art at Arisia is fascinating and always exciting to see. The artists are easily approached and their work usually for sale.

Past Events

2012 - Exhibited at the Rockbridge SPCA Art for Arf event

2006 - Exhibited at the Rockbridge Art Guild "Art on the Green" event

2006 - Exhibited at the Nelson Fine Art Gallery Juried Art Show, Lexington, VA

2005 - Exhibited at the Greens Farms Academy Alumni Art Show

2004 - Exhibited at Arisia Juried Art Show; Honorable Mention for "Ether Dreams"

1987 - Exhibited at the New Haven Paint and Clay Club Show

1986 - Exhibited at Barnum Festival Juried Exhibition